Featured Tool - Phantom Cure Station

Featured Tool - Phantom Cure Station

Everyone notices the red metal box with Phantom on the side when they come in. I mean it's so big that no one can miss it. However, only a few intuitive customers actually know what it does. We are ready to fill everyone else in on the secret ...

We are an Authorized PHANTOM installer and that is our Cure Station. You see PHANTOM is not a wax so it needs a special application. According to their website DPS (the creator of PHANTOM) says,

"Cure Station application, available at select DPS dealers, is the most precise and fastest method to apply PHANTOM to skis or snowboards, and is a reliable all-season solution during the low light winter months, especially in more extreme latitudes, and in wetter climates where sunshine isn’t as consistent."

If you want to learn more check out the PHANTOM Glide page on the DPS website. If you are ready to make the switch away from wax come on in and we'll get you set up.

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