Babolat Pure Drive Tour (2021)

Babolat Pure Drive Tour (2021)

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Introducing the heaviest member of the Pure Drive family. It's called the Pure Drive Tour and it delivers a dangerous combination of power and spin to intermediate and advanced players. It also packs a tad more stability and pop than the standard Pure Drive while still delivering the kind of explosive acceleration that has come to define the best modern player's racquets. Updated with Babolat's new HTR System, this racquet's graphite layup has been re-engineered for higher torsional rigidity, resulting in more efficient energy transfer to the ball. To help soak up harsher vibrations of this stiff construction, Babolat has devoted more real estate in the shaft to SWX Pure Feel, a thin and extremely flexible viscoelastic rubber that sits between the carbon layers. Additional features include FSI Power Technology, which optimizes the grommet system and string spacing for higher energy return and vicious RPMs (think heavy ball).
From the baseline the Pure Drive Tour comes around fast for an 11.8 ounce racquet. In addition to giving you the needed mass to absorb and redirect the pace of a heavy hitting opponent, this racquet's raw power and spin-friendly targeting make it dangerous in the hands of an aggressive player. At net the Pure Drive Tour delivers the best of both worlds. It moves fast when the pressure is on while also giving you enough stability and pop to hit piercing volleys. This stick is also a weapon on serves where the combination of power, spin and precision will put your opponent squarely on defense. Ultimately, with this update to the Pure Drive Tour, Babolat keeps a good thing going. Aggressive players looking for a solid feeling weapon with dangerous power should add this to their demo list.

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