Head Graphene 360+ Speed MP

Head Graphene 360+ Speed MP

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Head adds another chapter to the Speed MP! As with previous generations, this racquet offers great feel and controllable power to intermediate and advanced players. With its open 16x19 string pattern, the speed MP packs a tad more spin-potential than the Speed Pro while also giving you a higher trajectory for easier depth. It also has a sub-65 RA stiffness and a straight beam, giving it slightly better control and feel than a typical modern player's racquet. Built with Graphene 360+, the Speed MP combines the stability and power of Graphene 360 with SpiralFibers in the lower head for a cleaner feel at impact. Boasting a higher RDC swingweight than the previous model, the 2020 Speed MP not only feels more solid against big hitting opponents, it does a better job driving the ball through the court. It also packs enough spin-potential to bring the ball down hard. At net the Speed MP comes around with decent speed to deliver a solid feel with good depth on block volleys and enough pop to finish points with a bang. This racquet also shines on serve where you'll have the needed mass and spin to put heavy action on the ball. Ultimately, this update to the Speed MP not only hits a more powerful ball, it also retains the excellent feel and spin-friendly control of the previous generation.

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